Are we really able to live life fully present moment to moment?

Free to breathe, be who we really are. No masks just us? 

The answer is yes.  The way is here.

In Your Words


Jo has an unbelievable knack of simplifying the most complicated information. I feel there is no better way to achieve results than seeing your teacher also growing and changing, if they can’t do it, then there isn’t much hope for the rest of us.


Jo has a natural talent for creating an encouraging, safe and fun space in her groups and and private sessions. As I see what I learn unfold in my life I am excited by the prospect of learning more.


I was feeling stuck and Jo explained how she helps clients bring the mind, body and soul into alignment. I continue to use the practical exercises and see Jo for alignment and energy sessions to keep me moving my life forward and this has been empowering.

Synergy Method

The Inner Synergy Experience

When your mind, body, emotions and energy all work together as a team you will experience real presence in the moment.

Definition of Synergy

The interaction of two or more components to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


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The Inner Synergy Experience

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