Animals and nature transport us to another world, one of silent but powerful communication. Animals can lead us home to ourselves and it is in this place that we find direction and the answers to our questions. 

We are amidst a global awakening, a pinnacle time of change as we move away from the 3D world, the third dimension where our lives have been driven by time, drama, hard work and routines that disconnected us from our bodies. Since 2012 we have been moving into the 5D, a new fifth dimension. One where time has less control, we return to the natural cycles of our planet and where will use our senses to make our next move.  5D living is a whole new experience, a completely new perception of the 3D world. It’s not one that can be explained by it is one to be experienced and the adventure starts here. 

The animals have been living this way for centuries and there is much they can teach us if we listen. Maybe then we can BE the change we wish to see in world. YOU are who you’ve been looking for. It’s time to awaken. 

It’s time to harness a new Human H E R D.

Be   S E E N    Be   H E R D 

BE Herd – All Inclusive 3 Day Trek in Nature

Small Group of 8 Herd Members – 17th – 20th October 2019

Walk along with the elements and the cycles of nature, over the South West Coastal Path in Cornwall.

Inner Synergy meets Dare Greatly Coaching to lead a small group of 8 on a 3 day trek. Find your natural flow out in the elements:

  • Find your own pace
  • Take up your own space
  • Gain clarity on life questions
  • See clearness within the mind
  • Breathe and just BE


Other than booking, navigating your way to Cornwall (and some walking) – there is nothing to think about or do! This is an ALL inclusive BEing experience.  Gerdi and I have got it, and we’ve got you.

The cost of BEing for 3 days is:   £1704  (This includes accommodation in local B & B’s, all meals and gentle facilitation, exercises and intuitive guidance from both Gerdi and Jo).

In Your Words

Suzy P. London

Jo is a passionate teacher. I now have more balance in my life and am inspired and challenged by the importance of communicating with myself to create inner harmony. As I see what unfolds in my life I am excited by the prospect of learning more.  

Michele Keehn, Canada

Listening to your breath series – Oxygen, I tell you Jo, your voice creates a permission to release it all.

Marie Ruzicka, Washington U.S.

Jo’s work with horses and the Breath – well…  let’s just say that one session with her and every single cell of mine is tingling and transforming. I felt the silent and majestic connection to the animal kingdom and it’s unique language.

Synergy Method

The Inner Synergy Experience

When your mind, body, emotions and energy all work together as a team you will experience real presence in the moment.

Definition of Synergy

The interaction of two or more components to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


The Inner Synergy Experience

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