Animals and nature are my wisest teachers, and greatest allies.

To pass on their teachings REteaches me all over again. One main theme they convey is
M O V E M E N T.  Real movement. A way of being that humans are seeking, but remain unfamiliar with.

We have the choice to choose a more effective and far superior way of living. Where we Instinctively sense our way forward, ungoverned by time and routine, or motivated by pressure and reward. Instead crafting a world in which to live – instead of survive.

We have the chance to return to our innate knowing and learn and evolve as the animal kingdom have for aeons. To interconnect to the infrastructure of nature’s cycles and Universal Forces. We are evolving beyond our minds and bodies. With the guidance of animals, we can now embrace a more multi-sensory experience by utilising our entire human system.

Our world is changing. And we are ALL part of that change. This time requires Energetic Pioneers, from all walks of life, to advance within this awakening. The way is here. Are you?

It’s time to Harness a NEW Human H E R D.


Suzy P. London

Jo is a passionate teacher. I now have more balance in my life and am inspired and challenged by the importance of communicating with myself to create inner harmony. As I see what unfolds in my life I am excited by the prospect of learning more.  

Michele Keehn, Canada

Listening to your breath series – Oxygen, I tell you Jo, your voice creates a permission to release it all.

Marie Ruzicka, Washington U.S.

Jo’s work with horses and the Breath – well…  let’s just say that one session with her and every single cell of mine is tingling and transforming. I felt the silent and majestic connection to the animal kingdom and it’s unique language.

Synergy Method

Definition of Synergy

The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.


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The Inner Synergy Experience

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