I work with creatives and those sensitive to energy. Those who are driven to make change in the world in some way. Whether personal change, a project, design, invention, idea, business or group collaboration. These people have a desire to create and a knowing that there is more.

Animals and nature are so important for they help us to experience a profound connection to ourselves, and it is in this place we receive our own answers. I offer a range of natural spaces to work in to help you understand and manage your energy, sustain self alignment and take a new level of connection out into our changing world.

In Your Words

Suzy P. London

Jo is a passionate teacher who has a natural talent for creating an encouraging and safe space. I now have more balance in my life and am inspired and challenged by the importance of communicating with myself to create inner harmony. As I see what unfolds in my life I am excited by the prospect of learning more.  

D. D. South London

I met some incredible ladies at the Equine Workshop. Some human and some equine. Not having worked with horses before I found I enjoyed being out of my comfort zone and actually felt relaxed, supported and safe. I liked the energy of the trainers, their dynamics and honesty.

Louise A. Staffordshire

Since working with Jo I have a greater understanding of my own energy, and inner synergy. I see how life can be transformed by understanding the concept of thoughts and feelings manifesting into reality. By knowing how to change this – I see just how powerful the outcome can be.

Synergy Method

The Inner Synergy Experience

When your mind, body, emotions and energy all work together as a team you will experience real presence in the moment.

Definition of Synergy

The interaction of two or more components to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


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The Inner Synergy Experience

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