Horses have the ability to REconnect us back to ourselves. Humans can learn so much from the wisdom that comes from H E R D living. How to be present, aware, know when to move, when to graze, when to just BE.  And the horses are willing to teach us.

Our world is changing. We are waking up to a new advanced consciousness on our planet. This will see us moving away from the stress cycles of time, pressure and control. We are beginning to synch along with the more natural flow cycles of nature and the animals. As we learn to understand and manage this change we will experience quieter minds, equalling more balance in our bodies, resulting in sustained health and a whole new perception on life.

This time will require leaders in all walks of life to help with this awakening. It’s time to Harness a NEW Human H E R D. A gathering of those who wish to BE the change they want to see in the world. Visionaries, leaders, creatives, energetic pioneers…. who, with the help of the horses can see further, wider and beyond where this world has ever been.  Are you ready to BE H E R D?

Be   S E E N    Be   H E R D 

Suzy P. London

Jo is a passionate teacher. I now have more balance in my life and am inspired and challenged by the importance of communicating with myself to create inner harmony. As I see what unfolds in my life I am excited by the prospect of learning more.  

Michele Keehn, Canada

Listening to your breath series – Oxygen, I tell you Jo, your voice creates a permission to release it all.

Marie Ruzicka, Washington U.S.

Jo’s work with horses and the Breath – well…  let’s just say that one session with her and every single cell of mine is tingling and transforming. I felt the silent and majestic connection to the animal kingdom and it’s unique language.

Synergy Method

The Inner Synergy Experience

When your mind, body, emotions and energy all work together as a team you will experience real presence in the moment.

Definition of Synergy

The interaction of two or more components to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


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The Inner Synergy Experience

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