Couch Thinking

Couch Thinking

To change your thoughts is to change your life. Very true – and yet, isn’t that sometimes easier said than done?

I once decided that the time had come for me to begin exercising and retraining my mind. I found that experience very much like joining the gym for the first time. Back then I could have been classed as a very successful couch potato, and I quickly realised that I was even better at being a ‘Couch Thinker’.

But eventually I did it. How? I got to a point in my life where I couldn’t shirk the responsibility any longer for how my life was turning out, plus I’d also run out of people to blame. That turn of events helped me reshape my life. Was there a miraculous trick that I used to turn my life around? Sadly no. I simply just started. My Mother, an astute woman, seemed to recognise that I’d had my recent epiphany and silently handed me a book called ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ (that she’d been promising to give me for years!). Proud that I was obviously now ‘ready’, I read it in one weekend and I kid you not, by Monday morning my world looked different. I tried to believe it was a fluke for the longest time, but eventually I could not dispute that my life, bit by bit, was beginning turn around.

All I did was keep repeating what I believed to be working and kept going. The path, of course, didn’t run smooth but I learned very quickly that the amount of effort I put in was exactly the amount I got out. It’s taken me years to perfect my approach but the learning is something I would not have missed out on.

If you are ready for any type of change in your life – just start. The ‘how’ will follow. The start is really the moment you truly decide to change. The momentum of energy you create in that moment of decision will propel you towards the ‘how’. The fun really is in the unfolding I’ve now realised, for the way the ‘how’s’ present themselves can be more delicious than you ever have imagined.

Jo Courtney

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