Living in Reverse

Living in Reverse

How often have you heard yourself say – when will this change? Maybe a stale relationship, a health issue, job role or family feud. Maybe it’s time to check if you’re living life in reverse.

Over the years so many books told me that I had to ‘create in the NOW’ and ‘the power is in the NOW’. I had no clue back then what that even meant. The way it eventually made sense to me was that we literally only have this moment that we are in, right now, to create the next moment. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is, but not when we are concentrating on our past, or fast forwarding into our future. The only place that we can count on is the one we are standing in right now. We don’t have long before that changes to the next one and the next one. Which is why our presence to life and our ‘self’ in that moment is so vitally important. When we are in reverse or 1st gear we are not HERE.

Liken it to driving a car if you will:

Option A – Driving in 1st Gear (Future)

You are concentrating solely on the road ahead, focused on the time it will take you to get there, along the shortest possible route.

Option B – Relaxing in neutral (Now)

You are parked at the side of the road breathing in the view, satisfied with where you’ve been, enthusiastic about your destination ahead, and appreciating the full tank of petrol you have to get you there.

Option C – Driving in reverse (Past)

Your car is moving but you are in reverse, looking over your shoulder engrossed on where you have been.

Each thought we think or speak creates an emotion, and that emotion creates the energy of how we feel in that moment, and that moment creates your next moment. Therefore, when we manage our lives from our present point we can be more successful in creating a future that we want to live in. We can get out in front of ourselves. If we are poking around in our past, or fast forwarding to events in the future, we miss out on our NOW, and if we keep reversing back over old events life we can quickly begin to feel like it’s groundhog day as those old events repeat.

If you wish, make a five minute change starting now. Simply check in with yourself throughout the day and notice what you are thinking. Are you in 1st, neutral or reverse? Then see what changes unfold along your path.

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