Cling Film Days

Cling Film Days

When you reflect on yesterday, is it with satisfaction, fulfillment and wonder that you are still smiling about? Or did it run by you like a speeding train?

I’m not judging, for I’ve had those cling film days (as I call them), the one’s that feel like life’s going on all around you but you can’t quite find the doorway in – as if you are merely a spectator in your own life?

Of course we can blame the ‘busy-ness’, the gadgets, the to do lists, the job, the kids and the apps. Whether we are present to it or not, life is always there, running at the speed we left it at. Only we have the choice in how that day plays out, and the level of presence we hold within it. When was the last time you breathed in a sunset, really noticed the person in the room with you, were absorbed in what they were saying?

We can be surrounded by devices in which to communicate with, and yet how authentic is our inner communication, and with those who matter in our life?  Each of our experiences can be as meaningful as we choose for them to be.

  • When you compose an email or text are you aware of the emotion and the energy you are feeling? Is that communication send with care or in haste?
  • A cup of coffee or tea, are you aware of the heat of the cup in your hands, the aroma of the blend, the taste?
  • In the bath or shower do you revel in the experience of the water on your skin, maybe stop long enough to appreciate the fact you have running water. Or are you already in the next segment of your day – the office, the school run, making a call? (Do you really want to drag the next part of your day into the shower with you?)

It’s so easy to lose our ‘self’ in our day when we pack it so full. Like an overweight suitcase – something has to go, and often the first thing we lose is that connection to ourselves. If you wish to explore a deeper presence to yourself and your life, a regular practice such as yoga, meditation, walking in nature will help you to be more present with you, and it will also become more apparent when you are losing your connection to YOU.

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Jo Courtney

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