The Polarity of Pain

The Polarity of Pain

Are emotions being short changed? When you ask someone how they are feeling what feedback to you tend to receive? Fine, alright, I’m okay, not bad or happy enough? Can’t we do better than that? There are so many emotions out there waiting for a casting call. Wouldn’t it be inspiring to hear people answer; I’m feeling invincible today, or courageous, scintilating or magnificent?

Maybe the question is, how many of us are even aware of how we are feeling? There was a spell in my life when I had numbed myself to feeling, I was hardly aware that I had a body, let alone emotions and feelings. Breathing helped me reconnect me to myself and I was so glad to be able to feel again that I became fascinated with what emotions I experienced throughout the day. Always an overachiever, I went onto create my own personal emotional library. Did you know that there are hundreds of emotions out there to be felt?

Since embracing emotions, I no longer see them as negative or positive. The main emotional learning for me was not to be afraid of the feeling, no matter how intense. Just to accept the depth, texture, colour and intensity of any emotion is to embrace all parts of you in that moment. When we avoid labeling an emotion we are feeling, and not making it about anything, then isn’t it simple a ‘sensation’? Everything in life can cause us to feel an emotion, and when we can sit with that emotion and accept it, it not only becomes an empowering experience but a humbling one. It can also be a doorway to freedom.

To run, avoid and distract from emotion is to lose out on increasing our emotional muscle. Just like avoiding exercise can result in a weaker body. If we block out feelings of pain or grief we also block out the ability to feel the positive expression that lies on the other side. To witness the polarity of our pain is to encounter emotional rainbows.

Jo Courtney

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