Energy Update March 2018

Energy Update March 2018

How will the astrological activity on the 17th and 20th March affect you?

This weekend we are expecting some unusual activity that has not been witnessed for 26,000 years. This really is quite a unique and incredible time to be alive, a real awakening. Are you ready to wake up?

As a collective we’ve been experiencing these energy shifts since 2012. They have been intensifying over the last six months and are set to escalate this weekend. Maybe you’ve noticed? Are you questioning who you are, why you are doing what you are doing and whether you have a purpose to your existence?

Listen instead


What is the point of these energy shifts?

The purpose of this new energy sweeping across our planet is energetically clearing out our ‘ internal emotional clutter’ at a cellular level so we release old ways of existing. Like a ‘planetary do-over’. I know this sounds very ‘sci-fi’, (and I thought so too back in 2012) but get used to it, it’s happening whether we like it/understand it or not! Plus it good news! The new energy is helping our bodies regenerate so that we can match the new lighter energies which are at a much higher vibration than us currently.

With any change, turmoil can be a close companion. I’m not an expert on the astrological or planetary events although, over the years I have been researching how these shifts have been affecting myself and my clients. Common symptoms reported include:

Emotional outbursts
Grief as old patterns leave
Heart racing/palpitations
Stiff necks/shoulders
Back ache/pain/nervous system
Leg tightness/aches/pain
Stabbing pains within the body
Boredom/lack of purpose and action
Frustration with the above

On the opposite scale, also reported are incredible highs of hope, lightness, bliss, innovation, peace, calm, wholeness, inner strength and satisfaction.

Why am I feeling so much in my body?

Our physical body is the most dense part of us, and is the last to catch up throughout this clearing phase. As we let go of conscious and sub-conscious clutter from our entire being, we will feel the change and effects on many levels. As our body awakens, symptoms that may be experienced are pulsating, tingling, trembling, fidgeting as well as hot and cold flushes. These can all be a sign of cellular renewal as life force energy flows through you unblocking previously numbed or disconnected areas. Of course if you are unfamiliar with these feelings it can be disturbing, which is why I am sharing this information in the hope of shedding a new perspective on recent events.

Why am I finding it so tough?

As humans we are always evolving. With evolution brings change, and with change comes a little chaos. How can a chick hatch if it doesn’t break it’s shell? Because of our historic patterns and programs we may sabotage that evolution for many reasons. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of our own power, insecurity, judgement etc. Any change evokes combined feelings of fear and excitement which we often label as anxiety. If the fear overrides our excitement, then we may abort change, which can cause an internal trap or cycle. If we continue to stay stuck we keep running the energy of ‘stuckness’ which imbalances the body and can cause physical symptoms. Like a war wound, the scarring of an internal battle. The more we can release our old programming the more ease in which we move forward.

Tried and Tested Tips

This subject is very close to my heart for I’ve been going through my own personal awakening for a number of years. The experience has been challenging and confusing at times but mainly fascinating and quite wondrous. It’s something I would not have missed out on, for I now know how I work and how to live a ‘vibrationally aligned’ life. And I can thoroughly recommend it!

I’ve documented all my techniques into a system that I use every day. I now offer this simple system online, and in person (also with a beautiful herd of horses). If you feel you would like some help at this time below is a link for more Practical/Relaxation techniques. Know you are not alone in this, we are all going through this together. There is no right or wrong, no rules, competition or levels. Just do you.

Emotional confusion – Let go of making sense of anything you are feeling and just breathe with it. Repeat until calmer (if you wish): I accept how I am feeling, I know this will pass, I am okay

Energy Surge – Breathe with it, if that works and/or take some action, hoover, dance, run, tidy closets, walk to release any energy trying to move through you, again accept and let go of answers

Acceptance brings a calmer, less ‘battle’ energy to any situation to smooth it out

Rest and be kind to yourself until you feel more inclined to take aligned action

Put your own life jacket on first, and then… (if you are out of energy you are no good to others)

Be compassionate and kind to others around you and what they are experiencing

Hopefully you will breeze through the coming weeks, riding the waves of bliss, ease, enthusiasm and wonder. But remember, other may not be able to join you right now and so if you find emotions are high, be your own leader. Lead yourself back to YOU, and then…

As we know, every thought and action is based in energy, which means the experience ahead will be down to the mindset we all choose to contribute.

I hope this information has helped you in some way. Please pass this onto anyone you feel may also find it useful.

Wishing you all calm and ease as you awaken to who you truly are,

Jo Courtney

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