Energy Update May 2018

Energy Update May 2018

How have the recent energy shifts been affecting you?

The energy shifts currently occurring will continue increasing over the next few months and so it is wise to know and understand how these times are affecting you. Maybe you are witnessing much change in your own life and around you? Although this time feels like it is one of chaos internally and externally please know that there is a greater good lurking behind it all.

Maybe life events are occurring right now that seem confusing to you? Consider that maybe they have arisen for a higher purpose that isn’t always easy to understand when you are in the middle of an emotional whirlwind. This time is about purging/releasing/experiencing anything that no longer serves us and so life events can help us ‘feel’ what we need to feel in order to release a way of being that we no longer want to perpetuate. You have to ‘feel it to heal it’. For example if there is an old habit running of pleasing others, then a situation could show up to highlight how that goodwill is often taken advantage of. Use this time as an opportunity to change to more authentic habits.

Current symptoms being reported are:

  • Anxiety and feelings of being trapped
  • Fear of moving forward
  • Grief as old patterns leave
  • A craving for the familiar that seems to no longer exist
  • Heart racing/palpitations as our Heart chakra opens
  • Headaches/migraines as our Crown chakra unblocks
  • Stiff necks/shoulders as the Throat chakra unblocks
  • Back ache/pain/nervous system as your system unblocks

(Please consult a medical professional to see advice if you are experiencing any of the above.)

The reason for this message is mainly for understanding. Having been following the energy shifts for many years now. The only thing that kept me sane throughout my own awakening was knowledge of what was happening to me. I do believe I experienced this earlier than most so that I could in return supply knowledge to help others with their own awakening.


Currently we are purging old programming and behaviours from our cellular memory and we will experience this process on an emotional, mental and physical level. As humans we seek to understand what is happening to us and when we are in any confusion this can throw us out of alignment and imbalance causing disorientation in many areas. If you would like any help in this area please see the help below.

If you would like any personal support I am still seeing original clients for 1:1 in person/skype sessions and any new clients are welcome to the events that will be sent out on the following email. I am working with the collective in the way that is being requested right now and that is to be in nature, to have help with breathing effectively, grounding and connection to improve health and symptoms, space and time to think to work out how to move forward in their lives, how to move away from old patterns and situations that no longer serve them. For this I am offering a number of Oxygen and Equine days. This work I found was the most effective back in 2014 when my life drastically changed and I had to recreate it. This type of work cannot be explained, only experienced. If it reasonates with you and you would like more information please contact me and I will be happy to discuss further. For more information visit the website where there is more info, audios and the Intuitive Horse video.

Practical Help

  1. Emotional pain/confusion – Let go of making sense of anything you are feeling and just breathe with it and accept how you are feeling
  2. Repeat until calmer: I accept how I am feeling, I know this will pass, I am okay, simply surrender into it
  3. Get plenty of sleep/rest and/or meditate
  4. Get out in nature
  5. If you find you are distracting from emotion, try breathing with it and do general duties to keep moving (run, hoover, dance, jog, cycle, sing) this sometimes help to naturally transmute emotion.
  6. Be insular at this time if you need to be, put your own life jacket on first, and then… (if you are of alignment then you are no good to others)
  7. Be compassionate and kind to others around you and what they are experiencing

Oxygen and Iron Elements

To help relax play the Oxygen Audio Relaxation Audio (To subscribe to Oxygen (free) click here )

The element of Iron is now available. Monthly online training to help you balance and move forward in life. Monthly subscription (£20 per month)

I hope this information has helped you in some way. Please pass this onto anyone you feel may also find it useful.

Wishing you an awakening of ‘ease’ and wonder as you see who you truly are,

Jo Courtney

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