Emotional Triggers?

Emotional Triggers?

Oil and Water

If you have been feeling the effects of last weeks energy waves then you are not alone, they have been intense. We entered another week of ’emotional purging’ and this is set to continue through until Autumn. There is a shiny side of course to all this emotional upheaval. For we are becoming ’emotionally’ lighter. This message is not meant to alarm, merely for knowledge to help you understand what we as a collective are experiencing. I know at times it can feel as if you are being personally attacked, but please know we are all in this together and the more educated we are the easier we can help each other through it. I will continue to send you updates through the weeks as we move through this time. As I’ve said before, I found this ‘awakening’ process a lot easier to digest when I understood the bigger picture.

Physical, emotional and mental symptoms

These new high frequency waves are here on the planet for our highest good (not that it may feel like it right now). They are helping us purge and clear any lower frequency emotions and therefore energy. A little like oil separating from water. One of the ways that this is happening is through our energy centres. Maybe you have been experiencing physical symptoms/sensations/emotions in one or all of the following areas.

  • The Root area connected to (Safety/Security/Trust) located at the base of the spine/anus/colon
  • The Sacral area connected to (Relationships) Pelvic area, reproductive organs, appetite, wants and desires, sexuality
  • The Solar Plexus connected to (Emotions/Personal power) stomach, indigestion, symptoms being reported are bloating, cramps, pain etc.



Are you being emotionally triggered?

What is a trigger? When you are bothered by what has been said, done, or what you’ve seen or heard. Either way, you have an emotional reaction. Currently we are ‘purging’ our old programming so that we can live more inline with our ‘real’ selves, living from a place of truth and integrity instead of our outdated behaviours and patterns. But first we have to feel it – to heal it. So experiences are coming up in our lives to see these old behaviours playing out. A common one for many right now (myself included), is pleasing others. We can fall into ‘over pleasing’ for many reasons. Giving to others feels great, however there has to be a balance. If we are selflessly giving to others, more than ourselves, then we need to ask ourselves why? If all areas of your life are in perfect balance and you have an overflow to give others unconditionally then great.. Or is there a dialogue internally or externally crying out ‘what about me’? When we expend too much of ourselves either mentally, emotionally, energetically or physically we begin to lose our ‘self’. So really look at any ‘selfless’ acts. Are any causing you to literally lose yourself? If so just turn back round and give to YOU first. When your battery is recharged and you can truly give from a place of fullness; needing nothing in return, both you and the receiver will notice the difference.

Stay in your business

As we all go through these shifts we can find ourselves getting lost in the ‘he said’ ‘she said’ scenarios and that will cause you to lose yourself further. If you feel triggered at all by something around you check-in with yourself first and find out why you are bothered by this trigger, this will help release the emotional attachment instead of becoming ingrained with the details of the event. Because the event itself holds a multitude of energy streams, the more you regurgitate the details the more you keep those energy streams going for yourself and all involved, and this can feel exhausting and confusing. I know this isn’t easy. If it helps, a way I found to make this less personal is to see everyone round you as a character in a play that is helping you spot old behaviours and silently thank them when they do. When you can reach the point where you can laugh at a scenario you know you are winning! Remember, if you are being affected at the moment, so are others. When we try to help too many people we can become exhausted and again we will ‘lose’ ourselves in their life. For now give yourself permission to ‘do you’. By doing this you are taking responsibility for yourself which means you are automatically helping those in your life as you emit the energy of ‘responsibility’, for they no longer have to be concerned about you and can concentrate on their own lives.

Material Overwhelm

Has your ‘stuff’ around you been causing either emotional, mental or physical overwhelm lately? Each item we possess in our lives may look like solid matter but is actually made up from many vibrating atoms of energy. Because we are becoming more ‘feeling’ beings we could be experiencing ‘stuff’ overwhelm. Or is an overly cluttered house or area mirroring internal emotional clutter? Either way a declutter, no matter how small, can bring some mental relief as well emotional clarity. For more ‘energy knowledge’ – Subscribe to Iron (below).

Extra Connection and Help

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I hope this was of some help and please pass onto others if you feel it could benefit them, I’ll be in touch soon.

Wishing you a week of balance, truth and closure,

Jo Courtney


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