The E G O or the EGG

The E G O or the EGG

I believe the Ego gets a bad wrap.

The energy shifts we have been experiencing on our planet since 2012 are intensifying if you hadn’t noticed. Consider this time like a planetary healing, shedding of old ways that no longer fit with us as a race.

We are moving towards a new dimension in time (5D) where we will be moving more with the cycles of nature than that of the clock. This time will see us collaborating rather than competing, and living from a place of integrity instead of stress or pressure.

Part of this clearout and revamp sees us letting go of our ‘Ego’ self or our Outer Self as I call it.

As I’ve moved through this awakening experience, I’ve let down my well built masks, removing the scaffolding on which they have been standing, little by little. And standing bare and raw in the world. And what did I find? After a bit of shock – relief, freedom, a chance to be – the ME I had no clue I was. In fact it’s been revolutionary. Was it easy? No, but that’s okay. Any bumpy ride builds strength and character which is all part of our Ego too right?

I see our Ego (our Outer Self) as a major part of us that holds all our experience. The masks we set up are like the shell of an egg. This shell casing helped us to cope in the world in some way. And I believe it requires respect and appreciation. Our outer self shell also contains skills. Say for example during your childhood you were encouraged to please others. You did so beyond the point that was natural for you, so this isn’t really who you are, but it is a mask with a skill that you’ve learned. When you re-balance this skill it can be well utilised to help others within the field you work maybe, or to rear children.

As we let our shell drop away we go through a rebirth. Our old mind programs that lie under our shell unravel and the cacophony of noise in our mind lessens. We are able to reach a more calm state of mind. We can then become the observer of us, observe our actions, observe our emotions and not react from a chattering mind. This calmer state then allows us to creates new train tracks of thinking. We can advance into new territories of living. This is also the place where we connect with who we really are. Our NOW Identity which changes moment to moment as we shed our old selves.

In summary – our SELF is a vast and complex mixture of your INNER Self – which is always connected to an Infinite Intelligence (your soul self), and then your OUTER Self, which is a sum of all your life experiences and the wonder of you. Together you are a heady mix of uniqueness and completely E N O U G H just as you are.

So please DON’T shun or erase your ego, you need it. It’s part of YOU. The key is to embrace it, and work with it and soon you will experience Inner Teamwork like you’ve never known….

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