The B U S Y N E S S Phenomenon

The B U S Y N E S S Phenomenon

Is frenzied activity and action really just a cover-up for the lack of real movement in our lives? And by R E A L Movement I mean living a life that is completely in line with ourselves. Living truly within our integrity.

Many years ago I worked at a well known London company, and during a take over many of us were made redundant. The months leading up to the final cut backs saw us, the employees, practicing much BUSYNESS in order to look valuable.

It was an exhausting time!! I was made redundant in the end and the outcome surprised me. I gained a new lease on life, started my own business and never looked back.

My new path took me on quite the adventure. Leaving the world of corporate busyness I had time to learn about myself. I questioned my mind, adventured into the new science behind healing our cells, gained connection to my emotions and learned to meditate. As my mind quietened it allowed me to access the world of energy that is all around us when we are present enough to perceive it.

I was fascinated to be able to unravel my past and understand the intricate energy patterns and planes of perception that had been playing out at various stages of my life.

This also lead me to arrive at the theory I now have on the BUSYNESS phenomenon.

Busyness, I’ve discovered, has a nasty habit of keeping us in our heads. Our mind has to be on overdrive because how else can we cope with all that action and details that accompany the DOing? Of course it’s quite a buzz living at that level. A real skill in fact. Keeping your mind at such a speed to remember all the tasks and details you need to maintain that life. But like any drug, the high has a come down, and this way of living is no different to any other addiction. The final end result of Busyness is burnout. Illness, dis-ease, injury, emptiness, separation.

The lowering and debilitating feeling of separation and loss is actually us separating from US. Our outer self as I call it, not reconnecting back to our inner self. Our mind, awash with all the details and busyness has literally removed us from our body, from our presence to life, and our true SELF. Our connection to all there is. Nature, animals, others, the earth, the planet, the Universe. Complete separation.

The mind is an amazing tool, but it is no compensation for really living, within our bodies, physically feeling our way through life, emotionally feeling our way through life.

Luckily our inner self, our innate inner connection, is always calling us back home. And our body helps by crying out. Usually that cry is via some aspect of pain. And THEN we listen.

Now I’m not saying the busy life isn’t rewarding. I did it for decades and so I know the benefits. But only because I didn’t know there was another way. Quite a simple but rewarding one.

Have you often felt that there had to be more? Well there is. With complete presence within each moment of your day you can experience a new perception of the satisfaction of completion, the richness of fulfillment, the deliciousness of creativity. You can consciously create your next moment, simply by being present to your current one. I said it was simple.

Do we choose for our mind to be in charge because as soon as we become quieter we feel a boredom? A come down. What if just beyond the boredom was our freedom? The come down only feels ‘less than’ because of the highly charged momentum of drama that the mind has been creating before the quietness.

As you persevere to quieten your mind, maybe by spending 5 more minutes walking the dog, completely present to each step. Or sitting on a park bench on your way to work. Or putting all your gadgets down to sip your coffee, engaging with the flavour in silence. You will return to the simple joys of the world again.

Nature and the elements are naturally tuned to a higher frequency that we choose to be at. That frequency is INtegrity-FM. A place where you REconnect with wonder and grace. Just spending 5 minutes within this environment entrains our brain to also beat at a slightly slower pace than busyness. And it is in this space that we return to who we are. A new depth of us emerges, a new tone, a richness, a fullness.

Being a pancake fan I liken the comparison of these two worlds to eating a pancake drizzled with rich, succulent maple syrup as opposed to a dressing ladened with an artificial sweetener. They both might taste good but your taste buds will know the difference.

From the perception of where I am now, I realise that my busy years slowed down my expansion as a person. My life looked successful and happy. My act of being ‘so’ busy was carried out with a smile on my face that I’d mastered over the years and I had become so good at this act that I eventually began to believe it myself. I never reached for more because I thought I already had it.

However, little did I know that this state was gradually birthing a simmering anger; due to my repressed expansion. This frustration would erupt at times, usually with the people closest to me, who least deserved this behaviour. Just like an abscess, the pus has to be expelled in some way. If we hold onto it, the toxicity spreads beneath the surface and becomes putrid.

Why didn’t I see what I was doing? Why did I choose to believe this fake existence I was living in? The answer is I didn’t know then what I now know. It’s all a matter of perception. It only works one way. We can look back at our past once we gain a higher perspective, but we cannot see ahead into a new perspective that we are not mentally ready to reach. Back then I wasn’t strong enough to climb out of the pit I’d created for myself. To admit to myself that the life I had created was a facade. Because then wouldn’t I have to look at who I was without the facade? And who the hell was that?

We have the choice to choose change in any given moment. When we abdicate our responsibility to be the best self we can be, ill-ness often shows up. Ill-ness is what usually slows us down, or stops us. It can actually be a blessing if we choose to STOP and reboot and rethink our life.

Or we receive a ‘Tower’ moment where all you have known crumbles away. People, jobs, locations. When the tower fell in my life, everything was raised to the ground, just like a condemned building. I was left with nothing to hide behind. That was the most terrifying and humbling time of my life but also the most liberating.

The terror turned out to be the unfamiliar feeling of awakening into freedom! As much as I thought I wanted freedom, when I had access to it, it scared me witless. The tower moment had set me free from all the DOing and Busyness and it took me many months to grow fully accustomed to that freedom. During that time I felt raw, exposed, humble and new. And yet any hint of the ‘busy’ life soon repulsed me. This was not only a humbling time, it was one of self forgiveness as how can you blame yourself for not being able to see out of a pit that you’ve dug for yourself?

Life is an honour and an amazing opportunity to experience, to feel, to explore, to adventure and be free. When I embraced my new found newness I could fully appreciate the freedom that was all around me. And from this place of more BEing I was able to see that my years of busyness were actually a very clever front to stop me being ME. The best me I could be.

Marianne Williamson said: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Because when we are powerful, great, magnificent what happens around us? What do others say? What do they feel? Often when we are stuck in our busyness we mingle with others doing exactly the same. If you dare to show your magnificence, your greatness, then you are showing the person next to you their magnificence.

My work includes taking people out to spend time with horses, and Herds. The message I frequently receive, and are shown from the horses is – BE your magnificence.

Horses don’t have to work on seeing their magnificence, they just are. Their presence is intoxicating, their strength, their beauty, their natural power – and of course their pure acceptance for who we are as we show up.

Life shows us many curve balls, especially as young children where we often choose to believe our fate will repeat because we’ve witnessed an experience the once. If we are told to pipe down, calm down, that we’ve said enough, or our words are not acceptable. A simple belief can embed in disastrous ways. But we also have the power to change them at any time. Even in this moment now.

So I leave you with these 2 questions:

In what way are you already magnificent?

In what ways are you denying others seeing your magnificence?

We are NOT the unnatural state of busyness we maybe portraying – we are naturally free.

Be H E R D

Be S E E N

Be F R E E

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