AWOL or Present

AWOL or Present

WHERE are Y O U?

In the exact moment that you are reading this particular line. Where are you?  Odd question I know. But how often do you ask yourself this question? And how sure of the answer can you be?  The only moment we can BE in right now is NOW, however how many of us are really living in the moment at all?

So, if we are not living in the NOW, where are we? Humans are incredibly complex beings who have the ability to access many realms with their minds and energy. And so instead of being IN the moment, they may be reliving past events, projecting into an unknown future or disconnected from the moment and basically floating outside of their  SELF. Not grounded to a body or to the earth.

Our level of presence to our existence is of course entirely up to the individual. For we all have free will. But by being AWOL aren’t we missing out on so much? There is only one now moment and then another. All of them are packed with so much if we choose to see it, feel it and hear it. By recycling past memories or moments we are not creating as expansively as we could – in fact we are actually living life in reverse.  Sending our mind out into the future is ineffective because the NOW is the only place we can create our next moment. Fast forwarding into a future that is not here yet is pretty pointless when you think about it isn’t it? (I have to admit here that I wasn’t aware of this information back in my twenties and spent most of that time worried that if I didn’t keep my job how would I pay the mortgage!!!)

We have power in this NOW moment when we are truly present to it. Now we have to consider that we can only be as present to the level that we are breathing in any given moment. What does that mean? Our breath is our fuel. When we shallow breath we are less connected to our bodies. When this happens our cells and systems are unable to balance and regenerate. Is this continues our bodies will alert us to our disconnection by displaying ill-health and dis-ease.

It’s a little like trying to steer a boat while you swim along next to it. You might be present to some extent but not effectively steering the ship.

Life continually imbalances us which is okay, our job is to keep breathing and ground ourselves to the earth so that we can rebalance in any given moment. But I’m not sure how many of us aware of this though. I wish I’d learned this in school, as the first half of my life saw me disconnecting out of it, and the other half to reconnect me again. Why did I give up on life and check out? Because being sensitive to the energy around me, no one told me how to BE successfully IN life.

Now I do know how to stay present and enjoy life to the full extent, and I’m making it my mission to let others know just how to utilise their incredible systems (called human bodies) to the fullest. We are incredible BEings when we understand how we work!

As I’m sure you know, every thought and word creates an emotion and each emotion emits a frequency. The feeling we feel in any moment is the sum frequency of all the emotions passing through us. This frequency dictates our next moment, and then the next one. Which is why it is so important to be aware of how we are feeling, and trace that feeling back to what we are thinking. But of course we have to be present to do this. And we have to be breathing consciously to stablise that presence.

Our lack of presence to life can cause us to drift between past explorations and future meanderings instead of staying focussed in the now. Why would we regurgitate past feelings when we have a complete expanded multi-dimensional library to explore and experience?

For example: you give a presentation to your team at work and you think you’ve done a really good job. Energetically you have banked an even better delivery at your next presentation – because you will always expand upon a feeling you have already felt. We are always creating forward.

Alternatively if your presentation really sucked – and you felt useless or maybe a failure, the good thing is you have excavated a few unwanted emotions that were holding you back, and now keenly know what you wish to feel at your next presentation. Another energy deposit. There is a win win either way.

Consider this like a Universal order. When you stay present and keep creating in the now you will begin matching to the orders you are placing and each presentation will become sleeker and more fulfilling. Just by your attention to what you’re feeling.

However if you are disconnected at all in your NOW moment, you are not able to feel and choose as keenly as if you are present to your emotions and life tends to stay in a stuck cycle here and that will eventually get uncomfortable, or lead to illness. The less pleasant emotions aren’t always easy to feel, and numbing ourselves isn’t a pleasant state either. It also means that you miss out on the truly magnificent emotions to be had.

If you want to try this out for yourself, carry out this simple exercise:

Every hour (set a timer if you wish) – check in on your thoughts. Were you in the present, past or future?  Or had you completely checked out of yourself?

Remember this test is without judgement or criticism. Whatever your findings, bring your thoughts gently back to this moment and really focus on your life around you in the NOW. See what you see, feel what you feel and hear what you hear.

At the end of the week notice what has changed. What is seems less stuck, what has moved away from you, what has improved, what has come in to your life. You might just be surprised.

This moment is truly the only one we have. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss it?

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