Connect In

Connect In

How much are you trusting your own connection?

Are you aware of what your inner Intuition sounds like?

I have to confess it took many years of doubting, questioning, sifting and sorting before I worked out that I had two types of inner communication.

One line of communication was a very quick dialogue that I knew to be my mind and train of thoughts. This was pretty much set to roadrunner speed most of the time. It had a lot to say, was VERY critical (mainly of myself), and most of the time made no sense at all.

Now another voice at that time was also appearing on occasions (when my mind shut up long enough for it to). This voice was definitely quieter, calmer, like an inner commentator. It only spoke once and usually said something profound or on point. I learned to quieten my mind and listen out for it more. I became aware that it had in fact been around before – I had simply chosen not to listen to it. It was so quiet that I had doubted I had heard it.

I’m happy to report that years later the two now live side by side. My mind has become The Observer (or the CEO) instead of the Chatterer, and it has retired from running the show. By verbally expressing my thoughts into a voice recorder I managed to train myself to have clearer thought patterns. Not only did this reduce the nervous stress in my body, but it also enabled my intuition time to speak up. And this time I listened.

When you connect back to yourSELF you tend to find you not only have access to your mind (your Human Intelligence) but also your Intuition (Infinite Intelligence). Now of course we can live a good enough life just with our mind and our human knowledge. Or we can choose to experience an exceptional life and utilise both. Why only use one source when you have two?

To take this further, connect with others all choosing an exceptional life.

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