Belong or R O A R

Belong or R O A R

In the UK, schools are going back this week. And life (I’m hearing) is going back to ‘normal’ in some areas. The other thing I’m hearing, is quite a bit of questioning around returning to old routines.​

Looking at this on a bigger scale – don’t we all now have the choice to move back into what we’ve known, or to choose anew?​

​So how do we know which way to turn?

If the decision contains an – ought – should – must, or have to, maybe it’s time to REquestion and REchoose?​

​How many of our decisions hinge on belonging somewhere? If our heart isn’t in our decision, is it in our integrity to attend with an ‘ought’ accompanying us? When our decision is, ‘not to go’ to an event or accept an invitation, doesn’t this mean we are choosing ‘us’ instead?

Spending time with ourselves IS belonging. Giving ourselves the space to REgroup is powerful. We can then move forward with a clean knowing, and connect with a new set of others where we feel that we truly belong.​

​We have all changed recently, in fact it’s hard not to. To remain where we used to belong, is to delay a natural move.​

​It is, of course, bold and brave deciding to leave anywhere. Being courageous like the L I O N, only serves to expand us.

Belonging where we no longer fit, only lessens our roar.

Jo Courtney

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