Jo Courtney

As a child I remember speaking to insects and animals, and I don’t believe I ever stopped. To give voice to the wise teachings of animals, is more than an honour. It has been a remembering of myself. To understand the world through their eyes, is to adventure into the unknown every time.

So much of my life was spent disconnected from myself, and the world, that I now make sure I am present to every moment of it. The quest from A to B may have taken over two decades, and yet time has no consequence when you arrive home, full circle back to yourself. Along this trek I discovered the wonders of energy, the invisible framework that is all around us. The Animal Kingdom also operates by a whole other language. To enter these worlds and speak these tongues requires many leaps of faith, and granite like trust. But it’s more than worth it. Most days I feel I’m still only at the very beginning.

Jo Courtney


Certification, Credentials and Experience

NLP (2001 – 130 hours) Certified Practitioner in the Art & Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  Advanced Driver Training/ORDIT Registered Trainer 2004/2010. Spiritual Response Therapy (2010) & SRT Advanced Level 2010,  SRT Intensive Skills 2011 & 2013, Spiritual (Physical) Restructuring 2011, SRT Self Mastery 2012, SRT Abundance 2013, SRT Consultant 2012. General: Challenging Behaviour, Child Protection and Safe Caring 2011.  Energy and Intuitive Training: Janette Marshall 2017/2018. Emotional Intelligence/Energy/Neuro-Science Workshops: Brandon Bays (The Journey), Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenzer, Anita Moorjani.

Equine Guided Experience and Training

Self Mastery, six months 2014/2015,  Horses as Teachers, Authentic Self Course 2016, Equine Guided Leadership Development 2017, Intuitive Horse 2017/2018/2019, Equine Affinity, Leadership 2017/2018/2019, Julia Fenton, Business Horse Power 2019, Liz Mitten and the Herd, Equinisity Retreat Canada 2019, Infiniti Trails 4 Healing, Michele Keehn Intensive Herd Entrainment 2019, Author: The Gateway Series – Illumination (Book 1 of 10), The Animal Allies (Books 2-10) 2020.

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