Animals & Nature

My Connection to Animals, Nature and the Horses

My two great loves have always been nature and animals. I feel accepted by both.

My first introduction to working with horses was a six month Equine Mastery. I had no idea what to expect. These very large, majestic animals call you to be fully present. I thought I knew all about grounding and presence until this very humbling and profound moment, it’s an experience that I have never forgotten.

One very large black horse I worked with, called Tattoo, truly put me through my paces. In the arena it was just he and I. That day I learned all about boundaries and how to stand up for myself. That learning spanned all of 20 minutes and is etched on my mind forever.

My Trainer Tattoo

H E R D Experiences:   Inner Synergy Teams up with Equine Facilitators:

Catherine Bray

Emma Ross

Both have a depth of experience and an intuitive, natural talent for this work.

In the video below Emma explains the work of the Herd in more depth.

It’s time to harness a NEW Human H E R D


The Inner Synergy Experience

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