Animals & Nature

My Connection to Animals, Nature and the Horses

My two great loves have always been nature and animals. I feel accepted by both.

My first introduction to working with horses was a six month Equine Mastery. I had no idea what to expect. These very large, majestic animals call you to be fully present. I thought I knew all about grounding and presence until this very humbling and profound moment, it’s an experience that I have never forgotten.

One very large black horse I worked with, called Tattoo, truly put me through my paces. In the arena it was just he and I. That day I learned all about boundaries and how to stand up for myself. That learning spanned all of 20 minutes and is etched on my mind forever.

Personal Equine Sessions:  

90 Mins 2 x Facilitators     £290

1/2 Day (3.5 hours) 2 x Facilitators  £450

Your Equine Trainer (your horse) and two facilitators will guide you through your unique and special experience. (No riding is involved).

Herd Experience also available within the 3 month package Element of FIRE, and also in the Element of Ocean Package (by invitation only).

My Trainer Tattoo

I introduce you to Catherine Bray and Emma Ross from  Both have a such a natural talent for this work. In the video below Emma explains in more depth.

More about Events within the four Elements

Oxygen Events   Connect with the elements of nature. Embark on a woodland adventure and experience to rebalance and reconnect with YOU.

Words that have been associated with the event are: Space, powerful, breathe, profound, connection, relaxation and presence.

Equine Events    Experiential learning within a beautiful nature setting and working with an incredible intuitive herd of horses.

Words associated with these events: Breathe, balance, relax, acceptance, release, realign, reboot, presence, heal, held, regenerate and expression.


The Inner Synergy Experience

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