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W O R D S from the H E R D

T O G E T H E R we will collect the human race, not as fallen pieces, but as ONE H E R D.

Marching as one beat, one P U L S E. Our hooves are heavy, your feet are light, TOGETHER we will tread a path ahead that will lead to more harmony, and kindness, and in due course manKIND will see who they ARE, and NOT who they have come to be.

The H E R D

I L L U M I N A T I O N 

Book 1 of the Gateway Series

Meet the Animal Allies

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An unlikely H E R D – leading you through

The Map of Integrity

Penguin – F O C U S

Kookaburra – A W A K E N

Owl – P E R C E P T I O N

Wolf – C H O O S E

Elephant – M O V E M E N T

Whale – D E P T H

Koala – S P A C E

Mustang – C L A R I T Y

Lion – C O U R A G E


Humans are wired to seek integral M O V E M E N T.

Mankind, over the centuries, has lost this innate movement, existing instead in a Static State.  Relying on mind and body to move. Yet this only gives the illusion of moving, and we may feel as if we are pushing the world uphill most days.

Ancient animal wisdom teaches us to live instinctively, honestly and within continual movement.  Change with less chaos.  Space to cultivate kindness and strength in order to advance courageously.  Experience a simple, effective and limitless way of living.  Adventure through the Gateways of Perception.

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