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Unlocking The Code To Achieving Synergy in Your Life

Because you are the expert of you I offer the Inner Synergy System as experiential ‘self’ learning. Our mind, body and emotions are all willing teachers, when we choose to listen to them.

What Will You Learn?

A purely experiential system that combines simple practices and techniques alongside relaxing audios that align you with your inner self. This personal way of working is not only empowering but leads to a greater understanding of self. Work at your own pace, and in your own preferred space for the best experience of the system. There is no charge for the First Element: Oxygen. I do hope you enjoy it and please share with others who you feel could benefit. I look forward to working with you…

Who Is This For?

I believe this system can work for anyone, however my experience has been working with those who I term as creatives and those sensitive to energy. You will know if this is you. We are all creative but we are also wired differently. A creative is someone who lives to create, they have a burning passion to express themselves in some way. This passion, if not managed and balanced, can cause extreme highs and intense lows. This may cause potential feelings of isolation until you fully know and understand yourself. To build an inner foundation helps you manage ‘you’ and enhances the ability to be the naturally expressive and creative person you are here to be.

Element 1: Oxygen What you will receive

Week 1: Relaxing audios to help you breathe and build your inner foundation
Week 2: Identify what life events wobble your foundation
Week 3: Learn how to soothe daily wobbles for a smooth recovery
Week 4: Learn the basics of aligning with you

(This core base element has to be completed before you attempt the other elements.)

Why would I invest in Elements 3, 4 & 5?

My self investment spanned over 20 years and cost thousands of pounds to explore and train in so many fields; and I value that investment. However, I do not believe that your own experience has to take that long, or cost that much. Feedback from existing clients was invaluable in this process. The key points to consider were: cost, location, time and connection.

Cost: The content I can now offer within elements 1, 2 & 3 is far more cost effective than investing in personal sessions with myself.

Location: The beauty of learning online is that you can access the site anywhere at any time.

Time: Personal sessions are so beneficial but again they can take up time and money. Whereas learning the earlier elements at home may fit in better with your schedule.

Connection: Consistent connection was something I would have like more of during my learning and so it was very important to me to provide that personal connection via audios, the ramble box, animal & nature events and personal/skype sessions.

Mastery Level is of course a larger investment. When I was ready for this moment nothing could have held me back, not even the cost. This level of learning catapults you forward and truly expands your life. This is your path and only you will know when you are ready for this element.

Who Is Jo Courtney?

Jo’s story started over 20 years ago when she was introduced to working consciously with breath by a yoga teacher. After curing herself of anxiety and panic attacks, as well as other health issues, she went onto study the mind, body, cellular healing, emotional intelligence and energy. Through her years of experiential work she developed her own personal system, ‘Inner Synergy’, which is ever evolving. Using this system to navigate her own daily life with more ease she creates her own alignment, balance and harmony within the body for a healthier, happier state. Jo lives and breathes her system and is impassioned to pass it on to others who also wish to experience a more present and fulfilling way of living.

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