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Before signing up for the Elements of Oxygen, Iron, Fire and the Mastery, this disclaimer MUST be signed.

As you create your own system using the Inner Synergy website, you may experience sensations that are unfamiliar to you, either physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically. By signing the disclaimer you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the awareness of any change experienced as well as seeking medical help and/or support/advice should you feel you require it throughout the process.

This site does NOT offer advice, only information, techniques and practices based solely upon Jo Courtney’s own personal experience and training. This information is to be experienced by the user responsibly and with the free will to discern what is best for themselves as they create their own personal system. If any information is shared from the site please make sure it is shared responsibly.

Current State of Health
Depending on your current life circumstances, including any area of health, before embarking on any of the Inner Synergy information, please consider seeking advice from a medical professional and/or trained therapist for any type ofsupport before or during the process.

If during your practice you see improvements to your health, DO NOT adjust medication without seeking medical advice from your GP or trained Medical Professional. It is known that some users of the synergy system have successfully created change within their health situation, reducing the need for medication in the areas such as diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, anxiety and depression. However, every person is unique and results will vary. Reduction of medication MUST be supervised professionally. Not only for the users best interests, but for greater personal understanding of how the body works.

To Proceed: Please sign the personal declaration
1. I declare that I take FULL responsibility for myself during any element or event that I choose to undertake through the Inner Synergy Website. I understand that as I proceed that I may experience physical, emotional, mental or energetic sensations/symptoms/changes/reactions within my body that may not be familiar to me. That being the case I state that I will seek medical help or supportive assistance if I feel I need it.
2. I understand that the Inner Synergy website offers general information, techniques and practices for the user to choose to act upon if they so wish and to do so responsibly. I also understand that the information is NOT advice of any kind and should not be treated as such.

Thank you and I do hope you enjoy creating your system.

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