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The Four Elements of The Inner Synergy Experience

Element Oxygen  Unlock
Cost:   FREE
What to expect:  Relaxing audios.
The key to unlocking yourself.
Regain balance and REconnect.
Soothe daily wobbles and realign with YOU.

The Element of Oxygen is the key to the whole Inner Synergy System. A simple process of breathing.  A remembering of who you really are.  Breathe yourself into life.

Element Iron    The Knowledge

Cost:  £111

What to expect: The Element of Iron is the door to YOU. At this point you may be questioning. Yourself, life, more?  The Element of Iron is in 8 parts and make up a WHOLE online experience. Learn the KNOWLEDGE of your entire human system. Iron works with you via concise visual information, self-coaching (visual and audio) and Now Relax Audios.

Quiet the Mind Downloadable Meditations
Quiet the Mind Image copy
Element Fire   Ignite

It’s Time to Harness the NEW Human H E R D

The Element of Fire is the adventure into the Gateways of Perception.

The animals and nature are here to teach us a new way to live.

Experience a simple, effective and limitless way of living.

Element Ocean

Be the Wave of Change 

HomeHerd Global H E R D Entrainment Experience
Human and Horse Herds working as one P U L S E


The Element of Ocean is for Energetic Pioneers, Leading Edge Businesses/Groups, Creatives, Co-Creative Leadership and Awakened Individuals.

The unique co-creative Equine Entrainment Experiences are unexplainably effective and are all set in beautiful locations (many off grid). Entrainment is not something that can be taught, only experienced. The locations are key to the experience, which encorporates a human Herd of 8 people, combined with a horse herd (and on occasions an Elephant Herd). The explorer level is where you reclaim your true identity and return to your natural State of Integrity – changed beyond anything you could imagine in this moment.

Locations include:

UK and Europe.  United States: Utah (The Percheron H E R D), Arches National Park, Moab Springs Ranch, Utah. Canada: Edmonton (The Homeherd H E R D), Infiniti Trails 4 Healing Sacred Ranch.  Australia: Melbourne, Victoria, Yarra Valley, (Variety of H E R D S).  South Africa: Oudtshoorn (Giant Draft Horse H E R D),  South Africa: Zulu Land, Thula Thula – Private Game Lodge,  (The Elephant H E R D) and home of the late Anthony Lawrence, Author of the Elephant Whisperer.

Words associated with the Element of the Ocean: 

Evolution, Vast, Expansion, Legendary Leadership, Ancient Understanding, Inner Knowing, Delicious, Complete, Whole, Home.