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The Four Elements of The Inner Synergy Experience

Oxygen  Unlock
Cost:   FREE
What to expect:  Relaxing audios to unlock yourSELF, regain balance and reconnection. Soothe daily wobbles and realign with YOU.

This is a process to remember the real YOU. Breathe yourself back into life. Unlock your body, your words and your truth. Element of Oxygen is key to the whole Inner Synergy System.

Element Iron    The Knowledge

Cost:  £111

What to expect: Here you will be questioning. The 8 online parts make up a WHOLE training experience. Learn the KNOWLEDGE of who you are. Balance and operate your system simply by concise information, self coaching audios and harness the whole process through the Now Relax Audios.

The 8 Parts: The Element of Iron is the door to YOU. This  package will provide far more than healing, it will teach you WHO you are, and what you are really capable of.  YOU are worth learning about for you are magnificent.

Element Fire   Ignite

It’s Time to Harness the NEW Human H E R D

Step 1:  Join Reconnect to the H E R D Facebook Group (Free)

Step 2:  The Gateways of P E R C E P T I O N Online Experience  

  • Become the Observer of YOU
  • Who am I now? REmember your true SELF
  • Understand your own unique energy patterns
  • Develop an inner emotional base line for stability and strength
  • Upgrade from Human Intelligence (the Mind) to Infinite Intelligence (Observer Mind + Connection)
  • Experience 5D F L O W Living, natural health, balance and regeneration
  • RE-define and UPshift your Creative Process
  • Learn to live and move within the natural cycles of life
  • Develop a new perception within life, experience the world like you never have before
BE  H E R D:   15 Min Free Consultation     Click the button below
Element Ocean Be the Wave of Change 

7 Day Ocean Equine Experiences around the world:  By invitation only.

Due to the intensive shifts that occur during these experiences, Gateways 1-7 Foundational Training must be completed.

Here you will have changed. You are ready to meet the Horse H E R D and are ready to explore further evolution. Take the steps here to lead an extraordinary life and be the wave of change the world is waiting to see.

What to expect:   Co-Creative Equine Experiences set in beautiful and occasionally off grid settings in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia for visionaries, pioneers, leaders, creatives, leading edge businesses and entrepreneurs with a view to world change, projects, creations and inventions.

Words associated with the Element of the Ocean:  Evolution, Vast, Expansion, Inner Knowing, Delicious, Complete, Whole, Home.