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The Four Elements of The Inner Synergy Experience

Oxygen – Breathe

Cost:   FREE

What to expect:  Relaxing audios to help you reconnect, balance, manage  daily wobbles and realign with YOU.

Challenge: Spend time with YOU. Relax and breathe yourself back to life. Tap into your intuition. Element of Oxygen is key to the whole Inner Synergy System.

Element Iron

The Knowledge

Cost:  £111

What to expect:  8 online parts that make up a WHOLE training experience. Simple and experiential Self Coaching and Now Relax Audios. The Knowledge, in an easy to digest format.

The 8 Parts: Learn about YOU. How to ground, balance, communicate with your inner self, work with your mind, and body to understand and manage your emotions and energy.

Element Fire

The Adventure Begins

FIRE represents our passions, motivations and the creativity that smoulders at our core. Three elements are needed to create fire to it’s ignition point – heat, fuel and oxgyen. Bring your elements to this next level and prepare for ignition. Fan your flames through this ADVENTURE and see where it takes you.

Cost: £5000

What to expect:  Unique 3 Month Training Package to help find focus and ease as you move through any life change, new path or adventure. 

  • Understand and manage your own unique Energy Identity
  • Create a Default State of Alignment to navigate through life
  • Learn to tap into your innovation and inspiration
  • Deprogram and Re-program the Core Areas: Love, Money and Health
  • Allow your own unique Creative Process to unfold
  • Includes: 12 x 90 min sessions, 1 x Equine Facilitated Herd Day (2 facilitators), 1 x Personal Oxygen Day out in nature and the elements.

Be heard – 15 Min Consultation (Abundantly Free – Click the button below)


Personal Session with Jo:  £175 (90 mins) 

Includes a recorded relaxation method unique to you and your session.

Personal Equine Sessions:  

90 Mins 2 x Facilitators     £290

1/2 Day (3.5 hours) 2 x Facilitators  £450

Your Equine Trainer (your horse) and two facilitators will guide you through your unique and special experience. (No riding is involved).

Element Ocean

Explorer Level

This level is by invitation only. Here you will have changed, you will be ready to reclaim your identity and know who you really are and what you are truly capable of. There is no limit to your expansion and evolution. Take the steps here to lead an extraordinary life.

Cost:  Individually Priced 

What to expect:   Words connected to The Element of the Ocean:  Vast, Expansion, Inner Knowing, Delicious, Complete, Whole, Home.